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Penjelasan Lengkap Tentang Descriptive Text Beserta Contoh

Penjelasan Lengkap Tentang Descriptive Text Beserta Contoh

Descriptive Text dan Contohnya – Hallo English learners… selamat datang di dunia bahasa inggris yang pastinya seru dan menarik untuk dibahas. Membahas tentang bahasa inggris tentunya tidak aka nada habisnya, karena bahasa akan diperbaharui setiap harinya.

Terlebih lagi bahasa inggris, karena bahasa inggris adalah bahasa internasional. Untuk itu kita perlu mempelajari bahasa inggris sejak dini ya English learners! Ayo belajar bahasa inggris!

Mengemukakan pendapat atau gagasan pastinya perlu sebuah bahasa, entah itu dalam bentuk ucapan atau tulisan. Jika dalam ucapan hal yang diperlukan adalah pelafalan, dalam tulisan hal yang diperlukan adalah tenses yang sesuai serta ejaan kata yang benar.

Nah kali ini kita akan membahas lebih detail cara mengemukakan gagasan dalam tulisan. Salah satu jenis tulisan dalam bahasa inggris ialah descriptive text, apa itu descriptive text dan contohnyan seperti apa?

descriptive text dan contohnya

Descriptive text dibuat dengan tujuan menjelaskan atau mendeskripsikan sesuatu ( benda ), seseorang, maupun tempat sejelas-jelasnya atau secara detail. Descriptive text juga mempunyai aturan struktur sendiri. yaitu :

  • Identification (pengenalan)
    identification atau identifikasi terletak pada bagian awal (paragraf pertama) yang fungsinya adalah untuk memperkenalkan sesuatu yang akan kita bahas pada pembaca sebelum membahas lebih dalam mengenai objek tersebut.
  • Description (deskripsi)
    Description terletak setelah identification yang biasanya ada pada paragraf kedua dan seterusnya. Description bisa dibilang isi atau poin pokok dari descriptive text. karena di bagian ini, objek yang kita bahas akan dijelaskan denga sedetail mungkin.
  • Tenses
    Tenses yang digunakan dalam descriptive text pun tidak sembarang guys. Simple Present tense adalah tenses yang digunakan di descriptive text.

Descriptive Text dan Contohnya


The Plaza Mayor, a grand arcaded square in the center of Madrid is very popular with tourists and locals alike. The symmetrical rectangular square features a uniform architecture. The name of the plaza has changed over time.

Originally it was called the “Plaza del Arrabal” but became known as the “Plaza Mayor”. It was built during the Habsburg period. It is located only a few blocks away from another famous plaza, the Puerta del Sol. Measuring 129 by 94 meters, and is surrounded by three-story residential buildings having 237 balconies facing the Plaza.

It has a total of nine entrance ways. The square was redesigned with gardens, but those were removed in 1936. At the center of the square is a bronze statue of King Philips III, constructed in 1616 by Juan Cristóbal González, Jean Boulogne and Pietro Tacca.

Plaza Mayor as we know it today is the work of the architect Juan de Villanueva who was entrusted with its reconstruction in 1790 after a spate of big fires. The statue of Philip III dates to 1616, but it was not placed in the centre of the square until 1848.

The Casa de la Panadería. It is a municipal and cultural building on the north side of the Plaza Mayor. It is four stories high, the ground floor comprising porticos and the top floor in the form of an attic, with its sides crowned by angular towers. At the top center of La Casa de la Panadería, there is a Spanish Coat of Arms.

They are the royal Spanish arms from the reign of Carlos II. The Plaza Mayor has been the scene of multitudinous events: markets (Christmas Market), bullfights, soccer games, public executions, etc. The Plaza Mayor also has a ring of old and traditional shops and cafes under its porticoes. Celebrations for San Isidro (patron saint of Madrid) are also held here. The Plaza Mayor is now a major tourist attraction, visited by thousands of tourists a year.

The calamari sandwich is a culinary specialty in Madrid. This peculiar sandwich is composed of a bread bun opened up from one side, packed with calamari that are battered in flour and egg and then fried.

Some like to add mayonnaise or lemon to their sandwich. This type of sandwich is so popular in Madrid, which can be found in most bars in the capital and is very typical of the Plaza Mayor. After a long day touring the city’s landmark sites, there is no better option than to stop in the historic centre to have a calamari sandwich with an ice-cold beer.

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Silahkan coba untuk membuat descriptive text  dan contohnya sesuai dengan struktur yang benar. Semoga bermanfaat and see yaa taa taaaa!


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